Seeking Source Saturday

If you enjoy music and meditation and would like to expand your community check out this cool event! Saturday July 19th Bethany Gonyea and I (Mark Shepard) will be hosting our 3rd gathering of what we call "Seeking Source Saturdays: Music, Message, … [Read more]

Update 7-6-14

Hey! check out what's going on "Behind The Scenes" at the Albany Peace project! Cool, Fun Meeting this Wednesday, July 9th at Unity Church In Albany 6:30 Pm Seeking Source Saturdays: Music, Message, Meditation and Healing. Saturday, July 19 … [Read more]

News Flash!

REMINDER! BIG MEETING WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11 At Unity Church 6:30 pm!!! ======================== NEWS FLASH! Bethany Gonyea, Originator of the Albany Peace Project shares some key insights about "Coherence" and Increasing our perceptual clarity and … [Read more]

Crucial Updates

Things are starting to gear up and get moving for our January 2015 Albany Peace Project. Bethany Gonyea and Mark Shepard check in to give a brief "what's up!" and invite you to roll up your sleeves and get involved in any way that might work for … [Read more]