What’s the Primacy Model of Consciousness?

The_Primacy_Model_of_CoverBethany Gonyea, interviews Dr. John Foldy, PhD, lead researcher on the Albany Peace Project on the science behind this experiment in Focused Intention.

Dr. John Foldy, PhD, is the author of “The Primacy Model of Consciousness”. Watch this video as he explains briefly what that means and why it scientifically proves that collective focused intention by groups of people can literally change reality.

What’s in the video:

  1. What cool stuff you get when you participate in the Albany Peace Project
  2. There are 4 key paradigm shifts that have happened in the course of human history. Discover what they are and how they can translate into a better life for you.
  3. Can our thoughts and intentions actually change reality?
  4. Why it is crucial that we participate in this kind of research and demonstrate scientifically that we actually can affect the outcome of events with our conscious intentions.

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