Concert At Unity Today

youtube gamp logo 8.11Hey Everyone!,

Mark Shepard here with some last minute details about the “Catch The Wave” kickoff Concert at Unity Church in Albany today.

  1. If you are coming in person, please come at least 15 minutes early. The concert starts at 1 pm sharp.
    Address: Unity Church In Albany 21 King Ave, Albany NY  (Get off I 90 at Everett Road towards Central Av. Turn Left on Central Ave past Shoprite and Kia Dealer. First right is King Av., Church is one block in from central on the corner of King Av and Bradford st.)
  2. If you can’t come in person. The concert will be streamed live so if you can’t make it you can still click in! you can watch the event  here:
  3. or if for some reason I didn’t “embed” the player correctly you can watch it right at (but please do attempt to watch it from the link above so our analytics can “register” how many folks are “clicked in”

Note: This is the first time I’ve done this so please be patient if there are any technical glitches. :o)

Once the concert is finished, we will be making it available for replay.

To access your daily focused intentions / meditations use this link:

That’s it for the moment! I’m heading over to set up, tune up and get ready for the concert!

On behalf of Bethany Gonyea, Dr. John Foldy, and myself, Thank you so much for joining us

Mark Shepard


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