Crucial Update

mark shepard guitar4-332x500Hey Everybody,

Mark Shepard, your resident Albany Peace Project Songwriter and “default tech guy” here with an important announcement, a crucial update, a mission missive :

I bumped into an acquaintance on the street of Albany NY the other day who I just knew vaguely from doing my member hours at the Honest Weight Food Co-op. She asked me what was new, and I told her about the Albany Peace Project.

Her response was interesting, “Oh” she said wistfully, “I’ve heard about that and I’d do it but I just don’t go to meetings…


Did we somehow present the Albany Peace Project as requiring “meetings”?

I know Bethany Gonyea and I are sometimes a little too close to this project and we don’t always register how what we say is perceived by others.

The truth is we are very, very human and pushing our personal edges as to what we can actually get done in a single day so sometimes we miss stuff, or miscommunicate, but meetings?

And as far as meetings go, Nope! You don’t have to go to a single one.

However, we HAVE done our best to create events that give folks a chance to connect and build community in person. But they are certainly NOT required to be a part of this project.

That said, you might WANT to join us for the sole purpose of expanding your community, and rubbing elbows with some amazing people as soon as this coming Tuesday!

You may not be aware of this but the Albany Peace Project is an outreach of Numinous  which was created by Bethany several years ago to honor one of her “nudges” which was to share the transformational, leading edge ideas that she was discovering through her personal research and practice.

Last Spring Bethany asked me to contribute my music to her Numinous programs which she holds every other Tuesday evening at The Shenendahowa Community Center in Clifton Park.

So this is really the foundation of our collaboration and part of the fuel that fires the Albany Peace Project.

I would like to extend a very personal invitation to you if you would enjoy getting out of the house this coming Tuesday, January 14 at 7 pm.

It’s not a “meeting” it’s a “gathering”. :o) And it is just about the halfway point in our month of focused intention.

7697215_sBethany’s Topic will be: Make New Year’s Resolutions That Are GUARANTEED to work!
(Click the link  or the picture to discover more, get directions etc.)

I think you just might find it inspiring, and fun. And Yes, we will be finishing the evening’s program with a live Albany Peace Project “Focused Intention” meditation session. It’s really uplifting to do this as a group.

And here is the whole point of this message: If you would prefer to stay at home, but want to experience it, you just might be able to, because I will be attempting to stream her talk live. I’m hoping to figure out the technological “stuff” that caused it to crash and burn at our big kickoff concert on New Year’s day. So it’s a little less pressure on me and it still may not work, however, we are going to give it a shot!

The goal is to get the streaming live tech handled so our big final event on Friday January 31st at 7 pm at Unity Church actually has video and sound! (You have saved the date right?)

I’ll keep you posted on how to “tune in live” as soon as I figure out how to do that! LOL :o)Thanks again for your support and participation!!!

Mark Shepard

p.s. if you have questions, comments or helpful feedback we want to hear from you! Please use the handy contact form below.


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