Streaming Attempt

Hey all you beautiful Albany Peace Project Participants!

I’m attempting to stream one of Bethany Gonyea’s always stimulating and challening talks tonight at about 7:15.

We will also do a live Peace Project Meditation to close the program which should be about 8:30  or a quarter to 9:oo.

If you have a minute to attempt to check out my attempt I would appreciate it. I will also be video recording it just in case.

You should be able to watch it right here: [9:52 PM Update: Well actually I forgot to hit the “record” button on the streaming site os once it stopped streaming live it got gone :o(… However! the good news is I also recorded the event with my camera so I will upload it to Youtube and embed it here as soon as I finished uploading tomorrow’s meditaiton LOL thanks so much for your pateinces and feedback! – Mark]

Live streaming video by Ustream

If not you can go to this direct link:

Wish me luck!

Thanks so much for your support!

Mark Shepard

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