In Memoriam: Dr. John Foldy

john_foldyIt is with great sadness that I write about the passing of Dr. John Foldy who lost his battle with colon cancer.

I still remember the day in 2010 that I pitched the idea of the Albany Peace Project to Dr. John in the noisy environment of Chuck E. Cheese’s while my young daughters were being entertained.  We laughed as we looked for napkins to write on and condiments to illustrate scientific concepts.  His support gave the me the additional courage I needed to proceed with my lifelong desire to do this type of research as I worked hard to gather people who would be interested in such work.

Dr. John was someone who loved to play with the edges of what we perceive “reality” and sculpted his life around experiences that allowed him to be in creative flow.  Many times, when I asked him how he was doing he would say something like, “I couldn’t be doing much better” because he was getting such enjoyment out of his creative endeavors.     Many of us close to him could sense a subtle change in him at the end of last year  and were concerned about him, so I was personally not surprised, but extremely saddened, when I heard that he was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer a few weeks before our research was finally ready to begin.

I will be forever grateful to his support for helping kickstart the Albany Peace Project.  His enthusiastic spirit and his relentless support in the face of skeptics will be missed.  As his friend Donna said, Dr. John was responsible for bringing many types of people together that never would have met.  Certainly, he has facilitated bringing some of the participants of the Albany Peace Project together and for that I will be eternally grateful.

In this video, Dr. John discusses the co-creative understanding that yields a joyful life.

Well, John….I will miss you in your “Dr. John Foldy movie”…but as you knew and lived so well, “consciousness is primary” and I am sure that you are having way more fun playing with multiple “focus personalities” from the other side.   Please stay playing with us.  Biggest hugs and many thank-yous,  and the deepest gratitude,  Bethany

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