Music, Message & Meditation

Stop the worldSeeking Source Saturday: Music, Message & Meditation

Topic:  Stop The World I Want To Get Off! An Introduction Into The Benefits of Emptiness

Saturday 9.13   at 4:00 PM

PLEASE NOTE!!! Our New Home:  634 Plank Rd, Clifton Park, NY 12065, Second Floor, Suite 202.  From 87: Take Exit 9, then right on to Plank Rd.   Dunkin Donuts is on the corner.  Pass Hampton Inn on left, and building will be on the left.

Do you feel that life’s challenges are so encompassing, so demanding and so all consuming you want to press the “stop” button?

That is great news!!!  Because it means if you use this opportunity well, you are poised to leap into operating from a new level of being.

More often than not, many people hit this level of feeling overwhelmed and abort the process by drinking, drugging or overeating.   This is incredibly unfortunate, because it is in the unknown that great things happen, not the known.

When we mute these feelings, we squelch an amazing opportunity to experience the wonder of being alive.
In this class, learn how you can meditate in a way that enables you to start being in control of the “off” switch of your mind, which enables you to release from the clutching and clinging to the woes of this world.

When we learn how to skillfully disconnect amazing things happen, as Ken Wilber says, “we roll up our sleeves and start tackling life with gusto!”  We release a great deal of energy when we disconnect, so we are then able to use that energy to finance your life in new and amazing ways.

By learning how to meditate skillfully, we are able to access what Thich Nhat Hanh calls “interbeing”, where we learn that we are no-thing in ourselves, but we are every-thing when we ground our awareness in being. Donation Appreciated  $20
Please Note this will be at our brand new location!

634 Plank Rd, Clifton Park, NY 12065, Second Floor, Suite 202.  From 87: Take Exit 9, then right on to Plank Rd.   Dunkin Donuts is on the corner.  Pass Hampton Inn on left, and building will be on the left.

But Wait! There’s more!

It is Soooooo Not Just About The Food!!!! 

Spiritual Weight Loss Program FREE INTRODUCTION Tuesday, September 16 at 7:00 – Shenendehowa Adult Community Center

New 10 week Class beginning;  September 23

Numinous Director/ Clifton Park bio-feedback practitioner, Bethany Gonyea and Albany NY hypnosis and NLP Practitioner  Mark Shepard are inviting you to a powerful free weight loss class to learn more about how hypnosis, NLP, biofeedback, neuroplasticity, meditation, and more can enable and empower you to create a new relationship with food, exercise and our body.

Here’s what the most recent class members have been saying about the course:

From Testimonials: Things I loved:  Joint Teaching with Mark and Bethany — Group Setting — Excellent tools   — “Goodies Every week”  —- Life-changing, thought -changing tools, activities and practices

Testimonial: Bethany and Mark really helped me to “show up” for myself and my life. You gave me inspiration and courage. I am now so quickly able to spot when I’m off track. These transformational tools have be come an active part of my life. – P. S.

Testimonial:  I loved all the “transformation tools”.  I use them every day. I feel positive – self love. Mark and Bethany worked hard and really care about us. They were very giving – honest and compassionate – and listened to us…Thank you! – Susan Collins

Testimonial:  Mark and Bethany provided a lot of information and tools to help us in weight loss and in all areas of my life. The class is so powerful and energetic. The camaraderie you encourage is extremely beneficial. – Ann Becker

Testimonial:  Bethany Gonyea and Mark Shepard are a dynamic duo.  Their experience and commitment to their work and their clients creates action and deep transformation that leaves you feeling light, renewed and rejuvenated. Consider yourself bless to have stumbled upon their company! – Leslie Thornton

If you’ve tried everything to lose weight with no success or experienced success only to fall right back into old habits and self sabotage, you might want to pay attention.

Mark Shepard, NLPT, Master Practitioner and Trainer of Hypnosis & Neuro Linguistic Programming has teamed up with Bethany Gonyea, MS a 20 year veteran practitioner of biofeedback to lead a 10 week weight loss program that works with the mind, the body and the spirit. With combined collective experience of 45 years of hands on practical experience helping people to break through their old beliefs and habits around food and body image, self esteem, self sabotage and anxiety, they’ve come up with is a radically unique and practical approach to kicking food compulsions and binge eating, anxiety eating, stress eating, boredom eating.

No Donations Accepted

JOHN OF GOD: MIRACLES & MYSTERIES Kelsie Kenefick Personal Friend of John of God

JOGKelsie Kenefik with John of God

PLEASE NOTE: This will be at our new permanent location:  634 Plank Rd, Clifton Park, NY 12065,

Friday, Oct. 3, 2014 – 7 to 9 PM, Saturday, Oct. 4, 2014 – 10 to 4

Thousands of people travel each week from around the globe to a remote village in Brazil. The healing they seek may be physical, mental, emotional, relational… anything. The healings they receive are always spiritual healings. In this weekend, you will hear many inspiring stories, learn how these healings happen, and have the chance to experience the Entities of Light healing your requests.

Be prepared to be uplifted as Kelsie takes you on a photo journey and shares stories of life and miracles with John of God. View the award winning documentary Healing: Miracles, Mysteries, and John of God… a film that will take you beyond conventional medical understanding, and will answer fundamental questions about life, faith and our interaction with the spiritual world. Begin to experience the healing of John of God with a meditation called “current”. Please wear white, if possible, on Saturday and feel free to bring photos of people, or articles, that will receive healing / blessings. There will be time for questions, answers and sharing throughout the weekend.

Kelsie Kenefick, MPS, LPC, LMHC, is an authorized John of God guide, award winning author, Licensed Counselor and biofeedback therapist. It is her greatest honor to be sharing the work of John of God and guiding people in Brazil through deep spiritual healing. Kelsie is the author of John of God: Journey to the Spirit Worldwhich has touched the lives of people around the world.

Suggested donation: $75 at the door…. $65 if you register in advance. (Includes both days)


TO REGISTER: Mail a check for $65 before September 28th made out to “Kelsie Kenefick”. The check should be sent to Bethany Gonyea, PO Box 1322, Clifton Park, 12019.

QUESTIONS? Call Bethany at 518-424-0406 or Email her at  Please let her know when your registration is on it’s way.

Personal Note From Bethany:

It is with great pleasure that I am able to offer an opportunity for people to meet Kelsie Kenefick.  I attended this same workshop when she offered it last September.  It was the beginning of an amazing journey for me that culminated in a rare set of circumstances which enabled me to travel to Brazil with Kelsie the following February.  But the journey did not end in Brazil, because my experiences at John of God’s Casa in Brazil continue to inspire me daily. Kelsie was an outstanding guide in Brazil.  She  just exudes light and love.   Her deep understanding of Spirit and her love for humanity is woven together so intricately in her work that she is able to be deeply attentive to your soul’s requests.  Her personal experience of how John of God dramatically and positively impacted her life is both moving and inspiring.  John of God appreciated Kelsie’s personal transformation so much, she was asked to become an official guide of the Casa and now lives up to five months in Brazil each year.   She continues to communicate with the entities that work through John of God on a daily basis.  She has also become a personal friend of John of God and continues to be inspired by his work and the manner with which he conducts his personal affairs on a daily basis.  Her book is an amazing account of how John Of God Transformed her life.

Overall…This work  is delicate…yet powerful.  However, we need to prime the mind to receive.

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