1.23.15 Meditation: David Parisian, PhD, Learning Expert and HeartMath Trainer

Quick 2 Minute Closing Program Announcement…

The Albany Peace Project has given us all such an amazing opportunity to meet so many interesting people, and Dr. David Parisian is one of them.  David has an broad understanding of the nervous system, and how it impacts learning.  One of my passions!

In this discussion, “Dr. D” discusses not only his teaching background, but how stress negatively impacts learning.

When there is a loss in a school community, the educational system is excellent at meeting children’s grieving needs.  They provide wonderful counselors and support to help children ride through such challenges.  Students are also blessed to have guidance counselors and social workers.

However, what if we were even more proactive helping children meet life’s emotional challenges?

I heard of a spiritual teacher in India who had a school titled ” The How To Live School”.  Where students learned to understand not only math and language but also to understand that love was the supreme.  How different would our world be if our  kids were taught not just to “tolerate diversity”, but actually learn how to love their fellow student.

Ok…I get that that it would take society a while to embrace that one…

But what is really close at hand is doing what the Dali Lama suggests, teaching all kids to meditate by the age of 8 so that we can end violence in one generation.  91 schools in 13 states are already teaching meditation in school and experiencing the benefits of decreased absenteeism, decreased suspensions and increased grades.  Meditation can often alters  the entire trajectory of people’s lives. Kids are no different.

Imagine how much society would transform?   How many substance addictions would be avoided?  How many teenage pregnancies would not happen?  How many fewer incarcerations would there be?

As if those benefits weren’t enough ….What if we were able to take a large portion of the government funding that would no longer have to be used to support prisoner rehabilitation, substance abuse rehabilitation, and youth pregnancies and return it back to the educational system??  Does the hope of that resonate with you?  It does me!

It can happen!  And thanks to a dedicated Albany Peace Project committee it is becoming closer to reality already because educators are recognizing that meditation is one of the most cost effective ways to pervasively help hundreds of kid at one moment.  Meditation costs so little, if any money, to implement, but it’s benefits to society are priceless!

David is going to tell us just how important it is to teach children stress coping mechanisms so we can “up grade” our educational system nationwide.

Dr. David Parisian has been an educator for the over 30 years, serving as a classroom science teacher, administrator, and adjunct professor. Dr. Parisian received his BS degree in Natural Science from Southampton College, his MS degree in Education from SUNY at Potsdam, and his Doctorate from the Union Institute, where he developed a Natural Intelligence Learning model bringing together the areas of brain research in learning styles, accelerated learning, applied cognitive science, and advance instructional technologies.  For 32 years Dr. Dave’s passion has been how humans learn and the areas of enhancing human learning and performance.He is presently a visiting assistant professor at SUNY Oswego in the department of Curriculum and Instruction.  Currently he is studying the field of resiliency and the psychophysiology connections between the heart and brain with the Institute of HeartMath in Boulder Creek CA., where he is a HeartMath Certified Trainer and a One on One provider. His company, Noetica, specializes in assisting individuals and organizations to put in place optimal performance based strategies in resiliency, through building energy self-regulation practices.  Research has shown that these HeartMath techniques lead to increased cognitive flexibility, creativity, performance and achievement, improved memory and problem solving.  Dr. Parisian’s Academic Coaching Programs integrate HeartMath protocols with research based learning strategies from the cognitive sciences to optimize individual and organizational learning states and performance.   Dr. David Parisian can be contacted at; dr.dparisian@gmail.com

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