Opening Comments for Albany Peace Project 2015

With the second phase of the Albany Peace Project 10 year research study only hours away, Founder Bethany Gonyea offers words of encouragement for us to take full advantage of this historic opportunity….

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The Albany Peace Project is a 10 year research project designed to determine if an organized group of trained meditators creating a “coherent state” in their bodies and then focusing peaceful intention outwardly can measurably reduce local violence.  

Our hypothesis is that focused peaceful intention has real world impact, and dozens of prior research studies suggest it as well.  

We are gathering evidence to determine if this approach can positively impact Albany, NY by gathering individuals who either already practice meditation or would be willing to receive free training via the internet to learn specific meditative skills designed to bring the nervous system into a state known as “coherence”  which facilitates personal well-being, clarity, excellent decision making and optimal performance.  

We all have access to this coherent space within ourselves, we just need to learn the reliable skills that enables it to emerge.  The Albany Peace Project will offer you the specific skills to obtain coherence…for FREE!

Karin Reinhold, PhD, Professor of Mathematics at SUNY Albany, will review the violent crime history from the Albany Police Department to determine if we our peaceful intentions have had an impact.  

Not only does learning how to be coherent dramatically enhance the lives of individuals, it has remarkable applications for the workplace.  A good referral for us is any business or organization that is interested in offering their employees or members a highly cost effective program to lower stress and conflict while dramatically enhancing the quality of their lives.  

Prior research suggests the more people who participate, the greater measurable impact. Please help us in supporting this historic effort while significantly enhancing your own life.  

Please forward to anyone you think may be interested.  We need your help!  Details at:

Click here to watch the Albany Peace Project Kickoff from Ho

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