APP Update & Committees Starting 4.15 at Unity Church at 6:30 PM

Albany Peace Project Committees Meeting:  April 15 at 6:30 Unity Church of Albany, 21 King Avenue, Albany


I hope that everyone is continuing their meditation practice and continuing the good feelings, because they only get better with consistent practice!

Plans for the third phase of the Albany Peace Project 2016 are already underway…and we would love to include you.  Highlights are:

1) The theme of the 2016 Albany Peace Project will be:  The Science of Happiness.   The desire to be happy is the one thing we all share with everyone on the entire planet.  We will discuss how to tune the nervous system to attend to the world in a manner that primes us for feeling buoyant.

2) This year we are collaborating with author, Will Bowen founder of the Complaint-Free World Campaign.  We will be kicking the Complaint-Free program off as a pre-kickoff for the Albany Peace Project on November 1 & 2, 2015.  Bracelets will be given out for inspire  people  to go 21 days without complaining (which takes the average person 4-6 months…Do you see why we are starting early!)   Check it out!

3) Will Bowen has agreed to do a webinar just for the Albany Peace Project.

4) Did you notice?  Our website is under construction!  A new website is currently being created that be more user-friendly and have Twitter feed for reporting positive events in Albany.

5) Albany crime data is being collected for the last seven years, and will be reviewed by State University of Albany Mathematics Professor, Dr. Karen Reinhold.   The crime data will be analyzed by comparing the crime data of Januarys from 2008-20012 to the crime data during the Januarys which The Albany Peace Project was in effect, 2013 and 2014.

6) Albany Peace Project t-shirts will be offered as a fundraiser.  You may want to purchase one, because I hear that summer is around the corner!  (We must have faith!)

There is much to do as we hone our efforts to help define this ground-breaking research.  We would inviting volunteers to get involved.  The following are some specific skills needed:

– passionate people who are motivated to promote this work   –  video editing    – marketing    – social media help – fundraising    – musicians      – group meditation leaders  – Do you have a special talent?  Let us know.  We are open to any comments or suggestions.

If you would like the Albany Peace Project to offer mindfulness programs at your organization let us know.

Albany Peace Project Committee Meeting:  April 15 at 6:30 Unity Church of Albany, 21 King Avenue, Albany

As Nikhil Jain mentions in the video below,  after practicing meditation we often feel an urge to be of service to others, and Inspired Service is one of the most reliable routes to Happiness.  Come have fun with us!

Albany Peace Project Committee Meeting:  April 15 at 6:30 Unity Church of Albany, 21 King Avenue, Albany

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