Albany Peace Project Meeting: Unity Church 5/12 at 6:30

Hey Everyone

Our next Albany Peace Project meeting will be at Unity Church on May 12 at 6:30 PM.

Topics of discussion;

1) Albany Peace Project Certification Program: This year we will be training leaders to feel confident stepping out into the community to teach meditation through our certification program.  Participants will get a “sneak peak” at the protocol we are using this year, and the science behind it.

2) Events: We will be brainstorming what types of events to offer to promote awareness for APP.

3) Fundraising:  to help spread the word about APP, we are collaborating with Complaint Free World author, Will Bowen, who will inspire people to go 21 days without complaining (which takes the average person 4-8 months.)  His program has people wear bracelets to help them keep track of their progress.  If you have a work environment that would like to go complaint free, for a donation we can order bracelets for your office.  Will talks about how offices can start by doing “moan free Mondays”.   Please reach out if you are interested.

4) Social Media Campaign – Bryce Pullano has been studying social media approaches, and we will talk about how each one of us could do little things to help spread the word online.

We would greatly appreciate as much help as possible.  There is much to do.  Come on out and have some fun with very uplifting people who are willing to help lift the world.

Below is the recording of the talk given at Numinous last month.   We talked about why we resist that the mind has powerful impact and also our “intention behind our intentions”

The Importance of Cleansing Our Spirits for Intentioning:  Many of us would not think of going more than a day or so without a shower for obvious reasons.  Others of us practice regular dietary cleanses to help facilitate digestion and health.  We prune our nails and wash our face.  But…how often do we cleanse our spirit?

We often think that to improve our lives, we need to start adding to our list of things to do. However, as Meister Eckart wrote, God is not found in the soul by adding anything but by a process of subtraction.

Many of us are practicing setting intentions to create more the what we would like to experience in our lives.  The problem is that we don’t quite realize how  past experiences influence what we beckon from the future which eclipses our ability to allow our calling to emerge in the present.

In this class, we will discuss many benefits of subtraction, and be given a powerful meditation tool that will cleanse our intentional efforts.  How do we cleanse our spirit so that the past is not contaminating our present ability to manifest.  Once we really experience how important it is for us to press the “refresh” button in our spirit, we can finally create something new in our lives.

We will also explore why we resist intentional work (it is not the answer you may think!)

Next Numinous Intentional Talk:  Becoming Relentless:   4:00 on 5/9 at the Yoga Lily in Clifton Park.

Steve Blank, a retired serial entrepreneur and Silicon Valley historian is quoted as saying, “You know what we call a failed entrepreneur in in Silicon Valley? ‘Experienced’. Find that in any other part of the world. Failure in other places of the world means ‘failure’. In Silicon Valley it means, ‘What is your next company?’”

So often people start with intentional work, and because they may see their world start to crumble before it gets better, they give up, saying that all intentional work is “bunk”. What they don’t see is that their current structures need to be broken so that something more fabulous, meaningful and purposeful can enter their lives.

There seems to be a myth that is traveling around spiritual circles. People often think that if things don’t come easily, their efforts are not supported by the Infinite Intelligence that connects us all. When we take a look at highly successful people, we quickly see the fallacy of this myth. In this Numinous talk, we will discuss how to keep our dialogue going with the Infinite, while facing the inevitable obstacles of our lives. Research shows that pure positive thinking by itself doest not do much to help us achieve our goals, but “mental contrasting,” visualizing overcoming obstacles, can actually make the critical difference for success.

Visionaries know how to, “hit the same note over and over and over”. They are relentless.

Since researchers at the National Center for Biotechnology Information are now documenting that our average attention span is now 8 seconds – 1 second less than a goldfish,  we have MUCH work to do to instill the stamina needed to download the higher vision of our lives into this world. We will conclude this program with an intentional meditation that enables us to develop the mental muscles to sustain such meaningful growth.


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