Albany Peace Project Meditation Certification Program Starting 6.9.15 at 6:30

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Has meditation transformed your life for the better?

Would you like to share that enthusiasm with others?

Would you like to know that your meditation efforts for peace are being measured?

Become an inspiring meditation teacher trained to teach scientifically proven, time-tested meditation techniques for the Albany Peace Project.

Share the transformative power of mindfulness and meditation with your students, family, clients, or patients to help them discover newfound strength, vitality, creativity, inner peace, and greater well-being in their everyday lives.

We know that each student, if taught correctly, will continue to meditate on their own and experience the countless benefits that meditation can provide.

Learning to meditate can be a fundamentally transformative experience essential for those longing to live peacefully in our modern-day world.

Is Teaching Meditation in Your Future?

If you are looking for more passion, meaning, and purpose in your life, and are a therapist, counseling professional educator, life coach, executive, manager, healer, yoga teacher, or someone who has read enough self-help books that you know you are now ready to uplift and help others and serve a greater cause, the Albany Peace Project Certification program is designed for you.

The Albany Peace Project Certification program offers meditation basics and the science that supports the Albany Peace Project meditation protocol.  You will feel confident to deliver professional meditation instruction to clients, patients, family, and the general public.

The training won’t stop until you feel 100% confident.  

The Albany Peace Project Certification Teacher Training is ideal for:

•Physicians, Nurses, Midwives

•Psychologists, Therapists, Counselors, Social Workers, Addiction Professionals

•Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists, Healers

•Educators, Elementary and High School Teachers, College Professors

•Yoga Teachers, Pilates Instructors, Physical Trainers, Fitness Gurus

•Healers, Health and Wellness Coaches

•Anyone seeking to share a powerful, natural stress-reduction and healing modality with people they care about

Benefits Of Becoming An Albany Peace Project Certified Meditation Leader

Learn about the science of intention:  Learn the science that supports the Albany Peace Project meditation protocol

Take your own practice to a new level.  Teaching meditation ups our commitment to meditation and refines our experiences.

Feel confident to improve your work or family life.  Knowing that you have received appropriate training and you have mentors to ask questions helps you reach out and offer these skills to improve the lives of others.

Have Fun!  Spend time with a group of good-hearted kind people who love to laugh while striving to put their gifts in service to improve the world around them.

Research on volunteering a shows it  has the following benefits:

Helps people make friends and contacts

Increases leadership skills

Increases self confidence

Combats depression

Kindles happiness

Provides career experience

Will You Make a Great Teacher?

A great meditation teacher has:

•A dedicated personal meditation practice, one that they’ve been doing every day for a substantial length of time;

•A commitment to their practice even when times are tough… or, if they started because times were tough, they remain committed to their practice even when life is easy;

•Experience in the tangible benefits of meditation in their own lives and the ability to articulate them;

•Mental, physical, and emotional balance;

•A grounded, yet light-hearted approach to life and meditation;

•Respect for each person’s personal beliefs and credo, no matter how different they may be from their own.

Find out if this training is for you. Reach out using the form below to learn more.

Overview of the Meditation Teacher Training Program

The 10 hour program includes the training, support, and coaching that individuals need to deepen their own personal meditation and mindfulness practice, teach friends and family members, incorporate meditation training into their existing profession, or develop a private meditation teaching practice.

Throughout the program, you’ll be mentored by three meditation professionals Anne-Marie Serre, Corporate Meditation and Yoga instructor, and Jerry Petell, MSW and Tai Chi teacher and Bethany Gonyea, Biofeedback Specialist and Founder of the Albany Peace Project.  These three teachers have over 46 years of meditation practice and will mentor you until you feel 100% confident to

•Bring meditation into the workplace with a workplace wellness program

•Teach kids and bring mindfulness into the classroom

•Teach special populations (such as veterans, seniors, )

Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll receive a certificate and will have every thing you need to teach anyone who wants to learn how to practice mindfulness and meditation.

As an Albany Peace Project certified meditation teacher you will likely be asked to present meditation classes and lead programs in a variety of settings.   We’ll coach you how to do just that–whether you are invited to present at a lunch-and-learn at a corporate headquarters, or to a classroom full of kids who want an experience of mindfulness. You’ll have everything you need to do it!

Questions? Contact: (518) 424-0406 or use the form below

The first series of classes begins;  June 9  at 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.

There will be more series scheduled, so please put your name on the contact list by using the form below.

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