Upcoming APP meeting – November 18, 6:30pm at Unity Church

With just 9 weeks to go before launching the 3rd annual Albany Peace Project, we are gearing up for the final charge.

We hope that all of our regular meeting attendees and committee members can be present for this meeting, as it may be the last time we all get together before the kickoff concert.

Out marketing efforts this year have started to take hold – 70 new members have signed up for January meditations in the past month.  This is a massive increase – more than double, the number of new sing-ups during the month of October last year. We’ll continue these efforts through December. We are even more encouraged to strengthen our efforts for next year.

Complaint-free bracelets will also be available for pickup at this meeting. (Please note that the purchasing of the bracelets has been financed via donations during our summer fund raising so we are happy to offer them free of charge while supplies last, but we always welcome donations to keep the Albany Peace Project going for its remaining 8 years.  To donate please visit http://albanypeaceproject.com/donate/).

And last but not least: the Albany Peace Project has already, and will continue to grow through word of mouth. The projects most powerful tool to find new meditators to join may be the simplest – people who have experienced the benefit of participation talking about it, and encouraging their family, friends, colleagues and personal communities to sign up! If everyone who participated so far was to encourage 2 more people to sign up, we would instantly triple our number of meditators for January 2016! Are you up for it?   Let’s do it!

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