1.14.16 Meditation: Pam Lunz Medina, The Yoga Lily

I have never met a meditation I didn’t like!

There are so many different approaches to meditation, and it can often be helpful for people to cultivate a wide range of meditation tools. Practicing different techniques offers meditators several options to choose from, depending on the circumstances they are facing.

Sometimes, a verbal mantra approach is needed to balance our brain, but at other times we may require a more sensory based approach.  For some people, guided visualization works well to help reduce mental chatter, and for others pure silence does the trick. Each day, the winds of consciousness may guide us along our path differently. We can draw upon different meditation practices to to help with these changing situations, similar to the way a dentist selects a specific instrument for a particular procedure.

Pam Lunz Medina brings this topic to life in this interview.  It is so much fun introducing you to Pam Lunz Medina today.  Pam is such an exceptionally great human being.  She will often spontaneously reach out to support the Albany Peace Project, because she is so passionate about the mission.

In this video, Pam discusses the upcoming 8 week meditation course that she is offering through the Yoga Lily, starting February 16.  Her course would be a wonderful follow-up to the Albany Peace Project.   During the program, Pam will be introducing participants to a variety of different meditation techniques.

Pam is so enthusiastic about the Albany Peace Project, she is offering an exclusive discount to APP meditators, to encourage participation in the second half of January! Participants who email each of the remaining daily meditations to discount@theyogalily.com , beginning January 15th, will receive 15% off of any Yoga Lily program. This generous gift to APP contributors works similar to another APP special benefit – the 10-30%% discount for a float-session at requiescent.com, which rewards meditators for each meditation they send to floatationmeditationdiscount@juno.com.

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Programs are held weekly, on Wednesday evenings,  at Unity Church of Albany, 21 King Ave, Albany, NY.


Mindfulness For Busy People
Anne-Marie Serre, IT Specialist/Corporate Meditation Leader
Wednesday January 20 at 7:00 PM, Unity Church of Albany

This session will help you apply the transformative power of mindfulness to your busy life, helping you find the coherent calm space within you, as you focus yourself for whatever challenges you face.

Mindfulness is not mystical or magical, it is actually somewhat methodical.  There are basic techniques you can use to broaden your perceptions at any moment, which enables you to resource a much broader palette of elevated feelings, including greater joy, clarity and sustained well-being.

As an IT consultant, Anne-Marie Serre, has had to hone her ability to stay calm under pressure.  In this talk, she will share the best mindfulness techniques she has cherry picked to help us work gracefully under periods of intense stress.  She will discuss how mindfulness techniques do not actually take any “time” at all, because brief periods of mindfulness actually improves focus, energy, efficiency and creativity all which yield greater results in less time.

Programs are held weekly at Unity Church of Albany, 21 King Ave, Albany

Challenging Our Agreements – How They Make or Break Us
Bryce Pullano, IT Specialist
Wednesday January 27 at 7:00 PM

One of the four agreements in the wildly successful book, The Four Agreements, by Don Miquel Ruiz, states “Don’t make assumptions.”

If we all took a moment to pause and consider how many assumptions we make in life, and how much these assumptions shape our destiny, we may become awestruck by their significance.   These realizations have the potential to be so profound they inspire us to make permanent lasting change in our behavior that changes the entire trajectory of our lives.

In this talk, Bryce Pullano, will ask us to challenge our most basic social contracts, and how much we assume things that simply are not be true at all.  He will help us expose these flimsy mirages for what they are, which helps us find the truth that we need to experience real-world growth.   These non-truths are best eliminated so that we can proceed confidently in life with clear unwavering vision that sustains us in times of darkness.  Come to this talk ready to challenge all areas of your life to mine new insights for positive change.

Spiritual Conversations For Men
Facilitated by Glenn Hogue & Tim Moon, MA – CASAC
Wednesday February 3 at 7:00 PM

Most spiritual programs are predominantly attended by women, which often causes women’s issues to be the focus of such programming.  However, at NUMINOUS, we wanted to provide new programs that would specifically support Men’s spiritual discoveries as they do the significant work of pioneering how to blend ancient spiritual teachings with contemporary culture’s expectations of masculinity.

This is critically important work, as we seem to be in a time in history when all sorts of established paradigms are falling.   The rugged individualism of the late 20th century is being challenged on all levels, especially in relationships. The traditional roles between male and female are also being blurred as well.

How do we maintain the integrity of our yang (masculine) energy while assimilating the gentler aspects of spirituality and still be effective in this world?   How do we learn how to connect, while maintaining our individual authenticity and truth?   Many of us have learned that we don’t need to do life alone, but we are unsure of how to skillfully include input from Spirit, women, and other men, without loosing connection with ourselves.

Learning how to skillfully partner, listen, and still assert our truth seems to be a huge piece of the mission of our generation of men. These Spiritual Conversations For Men will give us an opportunity to gain answers to the some of the most distracting questions of our lives.  In a quiet environment, we can safely discuss what matters to us most, and obtain invaluable insights from other men who have grappled with the same questions.  Through this exchange, we learn that we don’t have to do “life alone.”  Also, we learn how good it feels to be supported and to provide the same meaningful support for others.   These discussions offer us clarity and direction as we learn to connect, and yet still hold individual balance.

We are extremely fortunate to have Tim Moon, Counselor, and Fo Castle Owner/Operator Glenn Hogue facilitate these discussions.  These two have over 55 years of combined spiritual understandings to chart this prosperous territory.

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