1.23.16 Mary Sise, Author of The Energy of Belief

Today you get to meet Mary Sise, author of the popular book The Energy of Belief.  Mary travels internationally to teach powerful techniques from the burgeoning field of energy psychology.  In this lively conversation, you will notice that Mary has a lot of energy…as you will find with many practitioners who study such energy concepts.  As we free the body from trapped emotions, we are able to use that life force to fuel our lives, not our hurts.

In this interview, Mary gives us a practical technique to lead our nervous systems out of the fear response into a more resourceful loving response, which broadens the range of possibilities we see.

Mary will be teaching a powerful course this weekend to free trapped emotions. To learn more, visit her site at:  marysise.com


On Friday January 29 and Saturday January 30, I am offering two, full-day workshops using easy-to-learn energy psychology methods where you will learn how to “tap” on energetic points on your body to quickly relieve anxiety and stress. You will learn how to  re-program your beliefs, and change your life. This method can support for weight loss, removing addictive behaviors, releasing negative self-talk, and creating more abundance and success by removing limiting beliefs.

Acupressure for Emotions is taught in a small-group, hands-on setting where you will actively practice the technique under my guidance.

On Friday (Level 1/Day 1), all are welcome for “The Basic Technique.” You can learn this fast, powerful tool in one intensive day and walk away knowing how to calm yourself down, reprogram your beliefs  and shift your thoughts and emotional state from fear to peace.

Saturday, (Level 2/Day 2), is for professionals who work with clients, teaching you how to integrate these methods into your clinical practice,and strengthen and stabilize before processing traumatic material. (Day 1 is a prerequisite).

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