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Spiritually Savvy Singles

Comedy and Conscious Conversation: February 27th, 2016 6:30pm  Shenendehowa Adult Community Center 6 Clifton Common Court, Clifton Park, NY

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Shake off your winter blues, break that cabin fever, and help us celebrate the coming change of season! Warmer weather is on it’s way. Before you know it, spring will be upon us, and our area will be greening up once again.

This is the first Spiritually Savvy Singles event of 2016 – Comedy and Conscious Conversation. Come out and enjoy gourmet catered hors d’oeuvres, beverages, and a variety of voluntary ice breaker activities to get the conversation going. After we meet, eat, and greet, we will be entertained by Spiritual Comedian and Mentalist, Dr Sandesh Naik, aka “Doc Bengali”.

Spiritually Savvy Singles is an outreach of NUMINOUS.  Numinous offers four classes each month (three Guest speaker classes and Spiritual Conversations for Men) to encourage and enable people to pursue their own spiritual awakening, while exploring the opportunity to grow and share in a conscious and connected group. These events are held each Wednesday, at 7pm, at the Unity Church in Albany. For more information, please visit

Spiritually Savvy Singles will offer several events throughout the year (more as the group grows) to encourage single people to get out and discuss the topics that mean the most to them, in a setting where spiritual thinking and conscious dating are not just tolerated…but celebrated!!

Walking the spiritual path can be much more fun when you have someone to share your discoveries, insights and awe as your own path unfolds. Often single people are undergoing transforming spiritual experiences – this is a chance for you to share your experience with like-minded singles. Please Sign Up Here.