APP Volunteer Meeting – Wed. 4/27/16 at 7:00 PM Unity Church

Hey Everyone.

This year the Albany Peace Project/Numinous has set ambitious goals to help inspire peace in Albany.

If you are interested in volunteering with a group of light hearted good natured people who love to laugh, and who understand that peace is just a few thoughts away, please come out this Wednesday evening April 27 at 7:00 PM at the Unity Church of Albany and add your insights.  Please review the list below and see where your talents fit!  The first four items need immediate attention.

Interfaith Prayer Study Committee

Help is needed to gather 2500 people of faith who are willing to do a 15 minute prayer meditation for peace for eight days between July 24-July 31.

Fundraising Committee Event

We have a fundraising event scheduled for 10/1 tentatively at the Unitarian Church in Albany.  Our current idea is to offer hors d’oeuvres from 6:30-8:30 PM with music and seven stations where people can learn about the various outreach functions of Numinous.


  1. Mindfulness As A Solution to Violence (MASV)
  2. Albany Peace Project
  3. Institute of Heartmath Coherence Software Demonstrations
  4. Numinous – programs
  5. Interfaith Prayer Study
  6. Mindfulness For Busy People
  7. Mindfulness in Schools

We need a committee to do the following to help with this event :

  • organize food donations
  • find printing donations
  • establish a guest list.
  • help organize and run the event

Marketing Committee – 

Help is needed to raise money for our new initiative Mindfulness As A Solution to Violence, where youth learn both alternatives to violence practices and also biofeedback self regulation skills that they can learn to reliably call upon to calm their nervous systems during the chaos of conflict.  We feel that this is where we can make the greatest difference toward peace in the Albany, NY area.  Businesses may want to support this initiative, because businesses often suffer the consequences of youth violence.
Mindfulness As A Solution To Violence (MASV): 

Almost 40 percent of American children were direct victims of two or more violent acts, and one in ten were victims of violence five or more times.

Without a tactical comprehensive plan to end the violence of today’s youth by activelyteaching peace the cycle of learned violence will continue permanently!!

Mindfulness as A Solution to Violence(MASV) is a strategically designed peace building program designed to finally stop the cycle of violence by teaching youth well-established alternatives to violence and self-regulating biofeedback practices.

Summary Goals

– Teach self-regulation and mindfulness skills through biofeedback technology to at-risk youth proven to reduce violent behavior and increase academic competence

– Teach Alternative To Violence (AVP) skills to at-risk youth established in Green Haven Prison over 40 years ago that have continued to positively influence inmates in hundreds of prisons. When inmates learn these skills it reduces their recidivism rates and helps offenders experience a peaceful re-entry into society.

Offering youth the opportunity to learn these skills before they become part of the juvenile system offers a huge advantage in shortening the violence cycle.  Our goal is to cultivate a group of young leaders who embody Alternative to Violence and self-regulation and mindfulness skills and train them to facilitate peer leaded group intervention programs for other at-risk youth.

Mindfulness as a Solution To Violence Program (MASV) Daily Outline
Welcome Breakfast
Introductions and ice breakers
AVP instruction
Biofeedback instruction
AVP Instruction
Biofeedback Instruction
Summary and debriefing

MASV Group Facilitators

Bethany Gonyea, MS

For the past 22 years Bethany Gonyea has been teaching biofeedback and self-regulation skills to a wide range of populations, including young inmates at Brookwood Secure Center, a facility for juvenile offenders who, while under the age of 16, committed violent felonies and were convicted and sentenced in adult criminal court.  Brookwood Secure Center is the juvenile equivalent of a maximum security prison for adults.  Ms. Gonyea is the founder of the Albany Peace Project which was created to make self-regulation skills available to all residents in Albany,  NY.  She has also presented these concepts to the Albany Police Department and established coherence based programming for the staff at Cure Violence,  and is responsible for introducing and establishing comprehensive mindfulness programs in nine capital district public schools while consulting with several others, and more scheduled for the 2016-2017 school year.

Bernard Shuman

During his 22 years of service both in and out of prison, Bernard Shuman has spent thousands of hours volunteering his time to support others in turning away from crime, hatred, helplessness, and hopelessness, while urging them to turn toward faith, emotional healing, and offering assistance to others.  Mr. Shuman has offered over 6000 hours of teachingAlternative to Violence practices to inmates, and holds a Gold Certificate for teaching and facilitating Alternatives to Violence, the highest certification possible.  He also was trained to facilitate classes for Prisoners for AIDS Counseling and Education through Hudson Valley Community Service and ultimately enabled over 3,000 individuals to be tested for HIV infection.  Mr. Shuman has an quiet impressive unassuming presence that young people admire which is why they listen intently to what he has to say.

His motto: “Don’t make the mistakes that I made.”

Volunteers from The Albany Peace Project

Volunteers who are trained biofeedback self-regulation practices will be available to help with administrative tasks and teach biofeedback principles.
Meditation Outreach Committee

All of our efforts will make the greatest impact only if we gather 2500 meditators to participate in this research.  Please consider helping us inspire more meditators to participate both in our summer interfaith prayer research study and the January Albany Peace Project.

Other Committee areas we could use your help:

Volunteer Coordination Committee

– help organize volunteers…we have plenty of talent, we just need to keep people connected

Meditation Leader Certification Program Committee

– this program certifies people to teach the the protocol used by the Albany Peace Project to facilitate peace in Albany, NY.  When people become certified in the Albany Peace Project protocol, they feel more confident bringing meditation to their home or work environments.
Guided Meditation Video (editing/recording/posting) Committee

APP relies heavily on video.  We really need individuals who feel comfortable doing simple video editing.
Social Media Committee

– Social Media is how we have grown.  We need a group that can devise a strategic plan to help leverage the power of the internet to inspire more meditators.


Technology Committee
– Help with video editing, live streaming, webinars, etc.
Data and Analysis Committee
– help with gathering data for research


Event Committees:

Comedy and Conversation Committee

– Our first comedy event was a HUGE hit….people obviously want more spiritual comedy!  We are putting the word out for comedians who have a humorous insight about spiritual practices…we intend to offer a “last spiritual comedian standing” in the future.


A Midsummer’s Meditation Committee


Albany Peace Project Volunteer Meeting
Unity Church of Albany
April 27 at 7:00 PM

We strongly encourage you to come a half hour early and take part in Rev. Crystal Muldrow’s silent meditation taking place at 6:30 at Unity Church of Albany that same evening.  Enjoy sitting and meditating in a group to allow your own meditation to effortlessly deepen. 


Upcoming Numinous Events:

Spiritual Conversations for Men 
Unity Church of Albany-
Wednesday May 4 at 7:00 PM
Led by Glenn Hogue and Tim Moon

Come talk with “the guys” about the challenges of living spiritual concepts as a modern man.

Albany Peace Project Meditation Leader Certification Training – Part 1
Anne-Marie Serre
Wednesday 5/11/16 at 7:00 PM

Learn the science behind the protocol of the Albany Peace Project so you can feel comfortable offering it to the greater Albany community.


Worry Addiction: Why It Is Critically Important To Stop The Habit
Jerry Petell, MSW
Wednesday 5/18  at 7:00 PM

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.”  Corrie Ten Boom

Kick the worry habit because you FINALLY understand the true costs of a worry addiction.


Albany Peace Project Certification Meditation Leader Training – Part 2
Anne-Marie Serre
Wednesday 5/25/16 at 7:00 PM

Learn the protocol of the Albany Peace Project so you can feel comfortable offering it to the Albany Community.

Spiritual Conversations for Men
Unity Church of Albany
Wednesday June 1 at 7:00PM
Glenn Hogue and Time Moon

Exploring the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine
Ray Crist, Founder of the Jaguar Path Shamanic and Yoga School
June 8, at 7:00 PM

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