2 Events This Weekend: Shamans and Jaguars; One Outside…

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Ray Crist, Founder of the Jaguar Path Yoga School

Stable Gate Winery
Sunday June 26 from 10-12:30
10 Linda Way
Castleton-on-Hudson, NY

For this event, we are so blessed to be able to learn shamanic skills outdoors through the invitation of Val Feldman, owner operator of Stable Gate Winery, only 15 minutes from Albany.

Shamans are men and women who heal themselves an train others to cultivate their power and abilities to heal by learning to shift into “second attention”  First attention includes all of the ordinary information we experience through our five senses every day.  However, Shamans also access information form “Second Attention”, which means they sense the additional energy and information flowing around the filters of our five senses. A power innate to all of us. “Listen to your heart” ” Trust your gut feeling” etc.

When we train to widen our perceptual fields we can access this wealth of information along with a quite confidence and inner peace. Through the tools you will learn you will accelerate your healing and find both courage and the capacity to make the changes your heart and higher self wants you to make!

By training our minds to sense and become aware of this subtle information the way shamans do, we gain access to a whole new breadth of information that can be highly advantageous to our path.  We can even start to make changes without  “white knuckling” them, because we have accelerated accessing the crisp clarity required for sudden change.   As we learn how to access this occluded information we gain great wisdom and discernment, and our steps become more sure.

In this class, we are happy to invite back by popular demand, Ray Crist, founder of the Jaguar Path School of Yoga and Shamanism.  Ray will be offering us some practical Shamanic tools and understandings He will share with us how Shamanic training can help westerners to:

–    Learn tools that will help heal past traumas

–    develop an abiding sense of personal power, integrity and authenticity

–    understand your place and purpose in life

–    develop innate psychic impressions (second attention)  and understand them as a spiritual resource

–    deepen creative inspiration and expression

–    strengthen established regular spiritual practices

–    deepen your understanding of your personal relationships with nature, people, and living environments

–   experience deep mystical states that can elevate and stabilize you morally, spiritually and emotionally

This fall, Ray will be opening a chapter of his Jaguar Path Yoga School through NUMINOUS this fall, so we will be offering similar classes so that people can get a good experience of his work, and learn whether they would like to expand their training through the comprehensive 9 month program .  Ray is a grounded teacher, who loves to combine contemporary life with established primordial wisdom practices to help us live lives of greater meaning, purpose, ease and majestic wonder.

In case of rain, we will be working in a large space indoors…bring your curiosity and  a healthy desire to perceive things in your life differently!

$ 40 Donation Appreciated

Jaguar Yoga by Ray Crist and deep meditation experience with Rita Ajmira
for International Yoga Day 

The Hindu Temple Society
June 25 from 9-12PM
450 Albany Shaker Rd, Albany, NY 12211

Join Ray Crist and Rita Ajmira to celebrate the International day of Yoga. Ray will lead a 2 hour all levels Yoga practice and Rita will offer a deep meditation and pranayam experience.

Donations appreciated to the Hindu Temple Cultural Center

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