Day 3 – Interfaith Project – Marni Gillard

Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to professional storyteller, Marni Gillard.  In this interview, Marni talks about the power of stories to help facilitate people understanding each other.  A “cradle catholic”, Marni talks about how helpful it is to share stories with people who have different religious orientations than we do. Through skillful story telling, our hearts generously open to hear the subtle nuances and wisdom of other traditions.

Marni also discusses how “stories beget stories” and that through appreciation and great listening, Interfaith story circles create an atmosphere where people leave the evening knowing they have experienced something very profound.  Participants realize they have touched common ground with others in the Numinous, and all feel more enriched from the experience.  People are able to return to their own faith based roots knowing they have been augmented by learning of how others walk with the Infinite.

Thank you again for your participation!  You are vital to this research.

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