Day 8 – Interfaith – Rev. Crystal Muldrow

On this final day of the Albany Peace Interfaith, I am speaking with Reverence Crystal Muldrow.  When I think of Reverend Crystal, the word “intrafaith” comes to mind.  She holds three ordinations, one with Unity Christianity, and two ordinations in buddhist traditions. Reverend Crystal feels that combining some of the devotional aspect of Christianity with the Buddhists practices for radical self-examination offers a well balanced set of skills that enable her to be of greater service to others.  In this discussion, we talk about how we can reduce our own suffering by quieting our narrative and focusing on service to others.

Today’s Prayer Meditation:

This article was in the Albany Times Union on July 30.  It speaks more to the inspiration behind this research.

In these difficult times of global threat, I believe it is vital that as many people as possible learn their intentions for peace can have real world impact. To learn more about how every day people can vote with their hearts to facilitate positive societal change, NUMINOUS is sponsoring a webinar with author, Dr. Joe Dispenza, titled ‘Awakening The Hero Within’, at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 6, at the Unity Church of Albany.

Thank you so much for your participation!    See you next year.