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Funny You Should Say That…A Lighthearted Message Circle with Brandon Russ
Sunday October 16 at 2:00 PM
Spirit Tree Connections
987 New Loudon Road,Cohoes NY (Address for GPS)
(But really in Latham!  Right next to the Century House)

If small enough group, you will receive a message from a well established pyschic, Brandon Russ, co-founder of Spirit Tree in Latham who has a great sense of humor and helps people integrate psychic information with extra wit and wisdom!  Laugh while learning…

$25 Donation appreciated

Special event!
Violence Interrupters:  Film Screening and Panel Discussion
Meet Everyday Heroes that Protect Albany Streets! 

Saturday October 22 at
Hubbard Interfaith Sanctuary
College of Saint Rose
959 Madison Ave, Albany
6:00-9:00 PM

The Interrupters documentary presents unforgettable profiles in courage, as three former street criminals in Chicago place themselves in the line of fire to protect their communities. The two-hour film follows the lives of these “Violence Interrupters,” who include the charismatic daughter of one of the city’s most notorious former gang leaders, the son of a murdered father, and a man haunted by a killing he committed as a teenager. As they intervene in disputes to prevent violence, they reveal their own inspired journeys of struggle and redemption.  This work is the inspiration for our local Cure Violence chapter (formerly SNUG) funded through Trinity Alliance of the Capital Region.

After the documentary, we will have a panel discussion featuring real life Cure Violence Interrupters who work heroically to reduce violence in Albany.

Donations will be collected to support local organizations that support peace in Albany.

Utilizing Higher Consciousness in Everyday Life
Todd Cunningham, author of Energy 101
11/6 at 2:00 PM
Spirit Tree Connections
987 New Loudon Road,Latham NY

Cultivating higher consciousness goes far beyond the meditation cushion.  As we cultivate higher states within ourselves, we begin feeling more comfortable in our every day interactions in this world. We begin to feel more personal meaning, and deep connection to people in our lives.  Unfortunately, many people have not learned skills to communicate with Higher Intelligence so they don’t feel a connection between ther spiritual lives and their daily lives.

In this Discussion, Todd Cunningham, author of Energy 101, (a personal manual with 10 exercises to help you become more conscious, aware and able to communicate with your higher source), will offer guided meditations and exercises geared to help you become more conscious and aware of your unique connection with Source, your higher consciousness.  We all have our own unique connection to the Divine, and Todd will be helping us reveal our own personal connection through skilled exercises.    By becoming more conscious of this connection, we are able to reliably access our higher nature and live happier and healthier lives with greater ease and joy.  We will find, there is no standard answer to these life questions and the answers are uniquely ours.  As we learn to skillfully pause and polish our connection to the Divine, it deepens and enhances our entire existence.

$25 Donation Appreciated

Gaining Traction with Law of Attraction: Making Decisions With Great Amplitude
Bethany Gonyea
Sunday 11/13  at 2:00 PM
Spirit Tree Connections
987 New Loudon Road,Latham NY

“You are far too tolerant of mind wandering”   A Course in Miracles

People often yearn for change, and yet perpetuate mental habits that keep them stuck.  So many times, we find ourselves in mental loops, and have no idea that we have been through the loop hundreds of times.  These mental cul de sacs are often the reason why our intentional efforts to not take effect.  We spend far too much of our time in dead end thinking.

I heard someone say recently that he wanted to take some time off to heal, however, I had heard the person say this during many other situations.  I suggested it was no longer a time for him to heal, as it is a time to make a decision to be healed and stick with it.  Healing any aspect of our lives often comes down to us making a decision, and the decision must be made with a great amplitude for it to hold enough power for change.

In this talk we will discuss law of attraction and the areas where we feel stuck and trapped.   We will help you to review your thinking, and see where you can make a decision to move forward, whether outwardly or not.  You will be able to examine your thoughts and get off the hamster wheel you may find yourself on, and make a decision with such amplitude and power that you will finally be able to move forward in creating the life you want.  You will feel like a door has been opened, and you will need to decide if you want to walk through it.

$25 Donation Appreciated

The Art of Feminine Presence
Jill Boyd
11/20  at 2:00 PM
Spirit Tree Connections
987 New Loudon Road,Latham NY

If you are a woman who has been on a personal and spiritual growth path for quite some time and wanting to stop pushing to make things happen, come and experience an informational session and demonstration on the Art of Feminine Presence. It is a series of unique and tangible practices that increases a woman’s presence, feminine energy and vocal power so she can be heard, be seen and inspire change. These are practical tools that create massive results. You will see the change in yourself and other women immediately. It is undeniable. It is not where we intellectually discuss whether the feminine needs to be more present in our society. We already know that. It is not that we dance on a beach with hip scarves in the hope it will change our lives. We can do that on our own. Imagine walking into any room or any situation with a magnetic presence and attract the attention you want in your career and in your relationships. Your life will be transformed.

Jill Boyd is a certified teacher in the Art of Feminine Presence. She is an iconic image stylist. She is licensed in New York as a registered nurse and aesthetician. She received a masters degree from Long Island University in Community Mental Health Counseling. She graduated from Austin’s School of Spa Technology and afterwards received training from the Stoltz Image Institute in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas; Gabriel Productions in Miami, Florida; The Universal Style System in San Moreno, California; and the Conselle Institute of Image Management in Provo, Utah.

$25 Donation Appreciated

November 19th, 2016 at Overit Studios, new Scotland Ave., Albany NY. 7-9:30 pm.  Get tickets here: Mark Shepard and The Amazing Rogue Mystics ( Get yours Now! Before they’re sold out!)

Mark Shepard, composer of the theme song of the Albany Peace Project, “Be The Change” is putting together an amazing lineup of his favorite talented musicians and calling this one time band the “The Rogue Mystics.” As part of his own personal 90 day challenge last summer he fantasized about what a cool and wonderful thing it would be to gather all of his favorite and beloved musicians together for a spontaneous and improvisational spiritual but not religious evening of his positive genre music sung by multiple voices and instruments… and a small, intimate audience that was every bit a part of the “band” as the band…Come join us on

Come join us on November 19th, 2016 at Overit Studios, new Scotland Ave., Albany NY. 7-9:30 pm.  Get tickets here: Mark Shepard and The Amazing Rogue Mystics ( Get yours Now! Before they’re sold out!)

Here’s Mark’s lineup so far:

1 Joe Mennonna –  Joe Mennonna is one of the most incredible musicians of our time. You name it, he can either sight read it or play it by ear. And on about 20 different instruments. Flute, piano, tuba, trumpet,  saxophone, guitar, drums, bass, pipe organ, accordion… whatever. He plays everything. He has played with everyone from Don McClean to Deep Purple, Vanessa Williams, Tom Rush, David Bromberg and currently touring with The Bacon Brothers (as in Kevin Bacon the famous actor guy).

2 Gene Moore – Gene Moore is an amazing electric guitarist. Mark thinks he’s one of the best in the world.

3 Rilee O’Neill – Rilee O’Neill is the golden voice that really nailed my Posi award for “Together We Can Change The World.”  She sang it back when she was only 11 years old. And she’s sung a few things recently like “Oh My Beloved” that Mark can’t wait to play for you. She loves to improvise and she will get a chance to do just that for your ears.

4 Joy Adler – Joy is one of Mark’s most recent musical collaborators. She sang awesomely on four of his most recent productions and added so much spark and fire, silk and soul to those tunes that HE HAD to have her join us. She, like Mark and pretty much every other player in Mark’s “dream band” is not just a musician. She is a masterful energy healer and it is so fitting to make music AND healing with her.

5 Brian Mellick – Mark has known Brian for probably 20 years. He kept bumping into him in various places and felt so moved and inspired by his percussion genius and personal authenticity that he just envisioned playing with him.

6 Roger Mock – The man who got Mark to learn other people’s songs! While Mark Shepard has known some of the dream band longer, Roger is the one he has played with the most. For 5 and a half years they essentially did 3 gigs a week and Mark  wrote  30 new songs in his general direction.  He will be joining us on Mandolin, guitar and vocals.

7 Pete Furlong – Mark and Pete enjoy singing harmonies together.  Pete’s fine clear tenor is simply the perfect blend for Mark’s voice. AND he’s an awesome percussionist and multi-instrumentalist and songwriter.

8 Sarah Puig – Sings some of the most unusual and cool harmonies I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. She is also an endless source of sweet quirkyness and wicked good puns as well as a fine multi-instrumentalist and songwriter.

9 Mike Covey – After Mark jammed with Mike, he quite literally caused him to create an entirely new way of playing that has increased his enjoyment of playing music with other people 10 fold. He is totally self taught but he’s one of the best teachers Mark knows.

10 Gary Goldberg  –“Master of Ceremonies”.

11 The Mystery Guest Singer.  You may recognize her immediately!….

Get tickets here: Mark Shepard and The Amazing Rogue Mystics ( Get yours Now! Before they’re sold out!)

2017 Albany Peace Project Kickoff Program Concert –

Participate in the Albany Peace Project This January and Awaken the Hero Within with the Albany Peace Project This January!

Friday Evening, December 30,
Unity Church of Albany
7:00 PM

As the testimonials say below, amazing things happen when people participate in the Albany Peace Project.   The theme of this year is “Awakening the Hero Within,” because after three years of offering APP, we have heard some powerful stories of how when we advocate for the dignity and honor of others, we enlargen ourselves.  We feel greater dignity, self respect and deep purpose with our lives.  In these times of great global turmoil, we can find a place in ourselves through these meditations, where we know we are connected to a Loving Intelligence that connects us all, and “vote with our heart” to accelerate the presence of peace on this planet.   Taking a stand in our own hearts for peace, instead of feeling victimized by media accounts, makes our head go up and our shoulders go back.  Meditation Peace research has been demonstrated, however we need your help to get the local measurable results.  We can’t just talk about peace…we must “be it”

Come join us for a catalyzing uplifting evening on Friday Evening December 30 with exhilarating group of musicians,  singers and and also inspiring speakers!!!   The program concert will help you to start 2017 off right and set you on a trajectory to make 2017 your best year yet!

After participating int the Albany Peace Projet for two years, it is still hard to describe what participaing in the Albany Peace Project does…but it just changes you…for the better.

I asked my husband to join me meditating Jan 1 as part of the Peace Project, not something he would choose to do.  We selected 5:00 pm as our time. Yesterday at 4:50, he asked if we were going to be meditating. Thank you for creating this project. Peace starts at home. It has descended here!

I was very moved by today’s meditation, and I’m very moved by your work.  Thank you.

 First, your guided meditations this year are beyond wonderful.  I am loving them all.  

You’ve got some interesting people you’ve interviewed. 

Great interview & meditation today. Thanks

 Wow! I LOVE your guided meditation. You are so sweet and gentle.  Having us envision Albany residents in scenarios is brilliant! You are a gem; APP is fortunate to have you on the team. 

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