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Changing Your Destiny Lines – Shamanic Ceremony for Accelerating Manifesting
Ray Crist, Founder of the Jaguar Path Shamanic & Yoga School

To accelerate manifestation, Shamans have been developing ceremonial technologies for millennia that externalize internal intentional processes.  Through ceremony, we accelerate manifesting by moving intentions from the internal world to the external world.     In this talk, Shaman Ray Crist and founder of the Jaguar Path  Yoga and Shamanic school  will be sharing a truly magical way on how to manifest something we want in the future. This can be a change in life, in relationships or even a goal we want to set for our work through the ceremony of Sand Painting.

The Jaguar Path Yoga and Shamanic school is accepting applications for the 2016-17 year.  You can learn more at:

$25 donation appreciated

10 Week Prosperity Plus Program Starting Monday 10/10
Prosperity Plus program delayed starting on week.
off of Central AvenueMotion Industries, 12 Jupiter Lane, Albany,
Call Ann Becker to help with directions in office park: 857-1705, or email at:

Don’t miss this unique opportunity

Numinous is offering the Prosperity Plus program, created by Marry Morrissey, a  world-renowned life coach, motivational speaker, spiritual author and creator of Dream Building program.

This is a dynamic, video based 10 week program that starts Monday 3/28.  It teaches a new way of living centered on spiritual practices for an abundant life. The program focuses on 10 universal laws that govern an abundant life and encouraging participants to put these laws into daily practice.

To learn more, please visit this link:

The strength for participating in a group like this one is to have the support of a group that helps you with your goals, that helps you keep motivation up and support any new thoughts and behaviors you would like to foster.


– Prosperity Plus allows you to become a person of increase.  During the 10 week course, I became wealthy in every aspect of my life.  I reconnected with family and friends, became more financially solvent, and enjoyed every day as a brand new opportunity to allow all that I want into my life.

– Amazing.  Growth enhancing.  Be aware that your prosperity may come in avenues you do not expect.  Welcome it.

– The Prosperity Plus class has changed my way of relating to my own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around me.  Gratitude is more common in my life, and my reaction is down; I am acting upon my life now.  The best gift:  a group of like minded people I am blessed to be able to call my friends.  I am so grateful for being given this opportunity.   I’m also in for the next class! 

Here are 10 key principles that we will address:

The power of this class is that of having a group that comes together each week to share their successes, which enhances everyone’s success.  We will have lots of fun and sharing as we learn how to create a mindset that fosters abundance in all areas of life.

The cost is $50 for the video materials plus donations to Numinous as advised by Marry Morrisey as part of the course.
 No worries on the amount, just give what you can, it is part of starting flow…

If you are interested, please email Karin Reinhold;


Funny You Should Say That…A Lighthearted Message Circle with Brandon Russ
Sunday October 16 at 2:00 PM
Spirit Tree Connections
987 New Loudon Road,Latham NY

If small enough group, you will receive a message from a well established pyschic, Brandon Russ, co-founder of Spirit Tree in Latham who has a great sense of humor and helps people integrate psychic information with extra wit and wisdom!  Laugh while learning…

$25 Donation appreciated


Special event!
Violence Interrupters:  Film Screening and Panel Discussion
Meet Everyday Heroes that Protect Albany Streets! 

Saturday October 22 at
Hubbard Interfaith Sanctuary
College of Saint Rose
959 Madison Ave, Albany
6:00-9:00 PM

The Interrupters documentary presents unforgettable profiles in courage, as three former street criminals in Chicago place themselves in the line of fire to protect their communities. The two-hour film follows the lives of these “Violence Interrupters,” who include the charismatic daughter of one of the city’s most notorious former gang leaders, the son of a murdered father, and a man haunted by a killing he committed as a teenager. As they intervene in disputes to prevent violence, they reveal their own inspired journeys of struggle and redemption.  This work is the inspiration for our local Cure Violence chapter (formerly SNUG) funded through Trinity Alliance of the Capital Region.

After the documentary, we will have a panel discussion featuring real life Cure Violence Interrupters who work heroically to reduce violence in Albany.

Donations will be collected to support local organizations that support peace in Albany.

Utilizing Consciousness in Everyday Life
Todd Cunningham, author of Energy 101
11/6 at 2:00 PM
Spirit Tree Connections
987 New Loudon Road,Latham NY

Cultivating higher consciousness goes far beyond the meditation cushion.  As we cultivate higher states within ourselves, we begin feeling more comfortable in our every day interactions in this world. We begin to feel more personal meaning, and deep connection to people in our lives.  Unfortunately, many people have not learned skills to communicate with Higher Intelligence so they don’t feel a connection between ther spiritual lives and their daily lives.

In this Discussion, Todd Cunningham, author of Energy 101, (a personal manual with 10 exercises to help you become more conscious, aware and able to communicate with your higher source), will offer guided meditations and exercises geared to help you become more conscious and aware of your unique connection with Source, your higher consciousness.  We all have our own unique connection to the Divine, and Todd will be helping us reveal our own personal connection through skilled exercises.    By becoming more conscious of this connection, we are able to reliably access our higher nature and live happier and healthier lives with greater ease and joy.  We will find, there is no standard answer to these life questions and the answers are uniquely ours.  As we learn to skillfully pause and polish our connection to the Divine, it deepens and enhances our entire existence.

$25 Donation Appreciated

Gaining Traction with Law of Attraction: Making Decisions With Great Amplitude
Bethany Gonyea
Sunday 11/13  at 2:00 PM
Spirit Tree Connections
987 New Loudon Road,Latham NY

“You are far too tolerant of mind wandering”   A Course in Miracles

People often yearn for change, and yet perpetuate mental habits that keep them stuck.  So many times, we find ourselves in mental loops, and have no idea that we have been through the loop hundreds of times.  These mental cul de sacs are often the reason why our intentional efforts to not take effect.  We spend far too much of our time in dead end thinking.

I heard someone say recently that he wanted to take some time off to heal, however, I had heard the person say this during many other situations.  I suggested it was no longer a time for him to heal, as it is a time to make a decision to be healed and stick with it.  Healing any aspect of our lives often comes down to us making a decision, and the decision must be made with a great amplitude for it to hold enough power for change.

In this talk we will discuss law of attraction and the areas where we feel stuck and trapped.   We will help you to review your thinking, and see where you can make a decision to move forward, whether outwardly or not.  You will be able to examine your thoughts and get off the hamster wheel you may find yourself on, and make a decision with such amplitude and power that you will finally be able to move forward in creating the life you want.  You will feel like a door has been opened, and you will need to decide if you want to walk through it.

$25 Donation Appreciated


The Art of Feminine Presence
Jill Boyd
11/20  at 2:00 PM
Spirit Tree Connections
987 New Loudon Road,Latham NY

If you are a woman who has been on a personal and spiritual growth path for quite some time and wanting to stop pushing to make things happen, come and experience an informational session and demonstration on the Art of Feminine Presence. It is a series of unique and tangible practices that increases a woman’s presence, feminine energy and vocal power so she can be heard, be seen and inspire change. These are practical tools that create massive results. You will see the change in yourself and other women immediately. It is undeniable. It is not where we intellectually discuss whether the feminine needs to be more present in our society. We already know that. It is not that we dance on a beach with hip scarves in the hope it will change our lives. We can do that on our own. Imagine walking into any room or any situation with a magnetic presence and attract the attention you want in your career and in your relationships. Your life will be transformed.

Jill Boyd is a certified teacher in the Art of Feminine Presence. She is an iconic image stylist. She is licensed in New York as a registered nurse and aesthetician. She received a masters degree from Long Island University in Community Mental Health Counseling. She graduated from Austin’s School of Spa Technology and afterwards received training from the Stoltz Image Institute in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas; Gabriel Productions in Miami, Florida; The Universal Style System in San Moreno, California; and the Conselle Institute of Image Management in Provo, Utah.

$25 Donation Appreciated

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