Concert Follow-Up…and Let’s Get Ready To Meditate!

Hearty thank you to Mark Shepard, Joy Adler and Roger Mock for the wonderful music last night at the Kickoff Concert at Unity Church!

Also, to every person who attended, we hope you understand just how significant your contribution is to this work!   It is impossible for us accomplish this work without the support of the community.    Dr. Karin Reinhold’s powerful presentation about the science of peace meditation research clearly demonstrated how your “vote” counts!

Our apologies for not having the audio books there last night.  The challenge of having volunteers is that we don’t always know what gets posted where, so if you are interested in receiving a free copy of the book, please reach out.  I need to figure out a way to distribute them.

Meditations will be sent out starting tomorrow morning at 5:00 AM.  Please forward to friends and family.

Suggestion: Take an inventory of how you feel today.  Then make a commitment to meditate each day from January 1-January 15.  On January 15, take the same inventory and notice how different your internal world has changed…because it will!

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