1.1.17 – Bethany Gonyea, Founder, Awakening the Hero Within


Thank you for participating in the fourth annual Albany Peace Project!

As you can see with my interview with Kirk Harbinger, the Albany Peace Project message has been moving through the city of Albany in our efforts to inspire an entire city to meditate!

My hopes for this project was not only to inspire Albany to meditate, but for Albany to be the prototype to inspire  other cities to organize in a similar manner…and that dream of mine has begun to be fulfilled this year with conversations  with other cities including, Phoenix, AZ, Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, Dallas, Tx and Schenectady, NY.   My heart is so full with hope for the future, as I have witnessed the awe inspiring alchemical transformation of this work as I observe humanity remembering their grand connection to each other.

As I mentioned in the kickoff concert last night, the solution to so many of society’s ills is located under our nose, literally, in our heart.  Our bodies house an amazing technology within us, our nervous system which is dominated by the electromagnetic signal of the heart.  When we come into mastery of this signal, we come into mastery of ourselves.   The Institute of Heartmath’s research has demonstrated that when we live from the heart, we have greater clarity, make better decisions, and live more optimally.

This technology has been scientifically demonstrated to catalyze amazing impact, and it costs nothing, which is good, because any technology with this kind of wide spread impact would be impossibly cost prohibitive!  No municipality could afford it!

What I say is that when we live from the heart we become “Happy for no good reason,”  and happiness research has demonstrated that we perform better in every area of our lives when our hearts are primed for happiness.

To help inspire you to participate, I have included the webinar I did with NY Times best seller, Dr. Joe Dispenza, who discusses the inspiring results of other peace meditation research studies.

Here is a sneak peak at our new website.  But, it is not finished yet!….however, we are working on it.  We are struggling to keep up with the rapid expansion and could greatly use more volunteers to help with IT, social media, and PR work.   www.PeacefulCities.org

Also, please help spread the word that the Schenectady Peace Project is officially launching at Schenectady Community College in February 2017.  Phoenix Arizona is posted for summer 2017.  More info will be coming regarding other cities.

Our goal is for the peaceful cities to help and support each other.  Let’s show the world how ordinary people have the power to vote with their heart to change the world because every day is election day in the energetic field that connects us all.  HUGS to all!  Bethany

Please be sure to click on the Soundcloud link below to do the meditation.  That is how Dr. Karin Reinhold reviews our participation rates.

Dr. Joe Dispenza  is the author of Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One, and his latest book,  You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter (2014), which is an Amazon Bestseller and hit the NY Times Bestseller List within a week of its release, which builds on his previous work.

Coherence for a Cause: A Midwinter’s Night Benefit
http://www.peacefulcities.org/events/coherence-for-a-cause/ https://www.eventbrite.com/e/coherence-for-a-cause-a-midwinters-night-benefit-for-the-albany-peace-project-tickets-29879836395

10 Months to Transformation – Change your Trajectory – Transform with a Tribe
with Bethany Gonyea

Learn why change is so hard, and why learning about making change from the level of our nervous system accelerates our ability to transform and how using skilled intention dramatically enhances our efforts.  This will be a ten month master class with only ten slot open.  

Who do you want to be in 10 Months?  

Introduction to the Curriculum
Saturday February 11 2:00-4;30 PM   $25 Donation Requested
Spirit Tree Connections
987 New Loudon Road | Cohoes, NY 12110
(near Century House in Latham)

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