Change Your Mind Day at FUUSA & Hacking Flow/Wu-Wei at Spirit Tree

Hacking Wu-Wei; Demystifying Flow States
Bethany Gonyea
Sunday June 4 at 5:30 PM
Spirit Tree Connections, 987 New Loudon Road, Cohoes
(next door to the Century House)

Professor of Asian studies, Ted Slingerland writes that wu-wei is best understood as a unifying theme underlying many Chinese philosophical schools that describes an ideal of:

  “acting effortlessly and spontaneously in harmony with a normative standard and thereby acquiring  an almost magical efficaciousness in moving through the world and attracting people to oneself” 

Current neuroscience is documenting that the wu-wei state actually exists and refers to it as “flow”.   Scientists are learning how to hack flow so that we can all access it on demand.  They have learned that flow states are caused by “transient hypofrontality” when the pre-frontal cortex is the temporarily deactivated.  The PFC is the part of our brain that houses most of our higher cognitive functions.  When we are in a state of flow, cognitive function decreases, which simultaneously decreases our sense of self!  (Many of you are thinking of Eckart Tolle’s work right now)

Why does our sense of self disappear in flow? Because self is generated by large portions of the prefrontal cortex and when large swatches of this area no longer open for business, our sense of self blissfully vanishes completely!

In this talk we will be exploring how to allow ourselves to become “selfless” to experience the state of we-wei.  We will learn how to use minimal effort to accomplish the extraordinary by maintaining a state of fluid surrender with the Universal Intelligence that permeates all things.  Through the Global Peaceful Cities Project, we have been educating the public about invoking “coherence” within our own nervous system.  In this talk, we will learn that coherence is merely the entry point of flow that not only enhances our own well-being, but helps us to accomplish far more with less wear and tear because we learn to rely on our higher natures for help.

The state of wu-wei requires us to work from our “inner nature”, which we will be exploring through meditation to help you experience this state beyond descriptive words, and facilitate ease throughout daily life.

$25 Donation Appreciated

Proceeds of all events support the expanding efforts of the Global Peaceful Cities Project…an outgrowth of the Albany & Schenctady Peace Projects.  More information coming


Yoga Extraveganza – Yoga Showcase and Much More!
Benefit for the Albany Peace Project
Saturday evening June 10, at 7:00
Hindu Cultural Center, 450 Albany Shaker Rd, Albany, NY 12211

A Night of All Good Things Yoga!!!    
But No yoga mats needed!!  

Most of the yoga that we practice in the west stems from the tradition of Tirumalai Krishnamacharya and the senior teachers he taught who recognized that to teach people about the amazing gifts of yoga he had to first get their attention.  Tirumalai Krishnamacharya traveled throughout India giving lectures and yoga demonstrations for decades inspiring thousands of people to undergo the discipline of yoga for personal transformation.

This event will showcase the diligence and determination of Capital Regions senior teachers and practitioners to demonstrate yoga’s benefits to facilitate physical, mental, and emotional  mastery which requires a great depth of inner peace and resilience. Through advanced asana demonstrations, chanting, meditation, inspiring spoken word  and many opportunities to smile and laugh as well!

Please register at this link on facebook:

$30 Donation Supports: The Albany Peace Project research to determine how many trained meditators creating “coherence” in their bodies and then focusing peaceful intention can outwardly measurably reduces local violence.  



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