Albany Peace Project Amps and Lamps

5504358_sThe APP community is growing rapidly.

More and more people are learning how to skillfully lead their nervous system into peaceful states, and are reaping the the benefits of leading lives with less stress and more enjoyment.

Participants have expressed deep appreciation that their peaceful efforts are being documented as they lift their consciousness with other like minded individuals through group meditation prayer and focused intention.

Below is a short list of people who are supporting this project, because there is not enough room to list everyone.

Thank you all so much! Your enthusiasm is infectious!

Lamps – Someone who is passionately working behind the scenes to make The Albany Peace Project research happen.

  • Anne-Marie Serre, Albany Peace Project Meditation Certification Leader
  • Bryce Pullano, IT
  • Rev. Jim Fuller,  Unity Church
  • Ann Becker, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Katrina Clay, Founder & Inspiration For The Healing Springs Journal
  • Tim Moon, also known as “Steve”, APP Enthusiast
  • Gail Jensen, 45 Year TM Meditator
  • Bert Pflegl, A little of everything….”BERT!!” (we just like to say his name!)
  • Michael Wayne, SIMEN Organizer and author of Quantum Integral Medicine
  • Beth Suter, leader of the Peaceful People program in Albany Schools.
  • Shameka Andrews, Social Media Consultant
  • Mark Shepard, IT producer Composer of APP Theme Song
  • Jerry Petell, Albany Peace Project Meditation Certification Leader
  • Will Bowen, Author of a Complaint-Free World
  • And many, many more…

Amps: An organization that Is willing to offer their resources to help “amp up” this important research

many more as well….Thank you to everyone for their efforts.

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