Five ways to maximize participation in the Albany Peace Project

hands1- Set a reminder
Set a daily reminder on your smart phone or preferred device to keep your commitment to the Albany Peace Project present in your mind every day… set it for the time that seems best for you to meditate, or for multiple reminders to breathe and feel appreciation, care and peace throughout the day!

2- Establish a Goal and reward plan
Pick some kind of reward you will treat yourself to if you achieve a specific goal or goals this January… you could go to your favorite restaurant if you complete 5 or more meditations per week, or a fun weekend activity for meditating every day of the month… be creative and pick goals and rewards within your reach and motivating enough to keep you going! Have fun with it!

3- Find a meditation buddy
Just like physical exercise, meditation can be easier to stick with if you find someone else who is also willing to make the same commitment and just knowing someone else is in it with you may be just the extra little motivation you need! You could also plan rewards for each other based on your respective goals if appropriate… e.g.: I will cook dinner for you or do the dishes or clean the snow off your driveway if you do X number of meditations, etc… Also consider that if everyone who signed up last year found one new person to commit, we would double our number of participants every year!

4- Find your inspiration
Is there a particular aspect or type of intentions toward more peace in Albany that really speaks to you? It could be children living in less than stable family environments or perhaps a person or persons close to you who may be facing great challenges or have lost their way… whatever it is, add it to your daily reminder… add it to the intentions offered by the day’s meditation leader… make your meditation time meaningful to you!

5- Do what you can
Have you skipped a few or maybe several days? have not even started yet? or perhaps did no connect at all with the last meditation leader you listened to? It’s OK… do what you can and be compassionate toward yourself… just think that if everyone in the Albany NY area randomly did just a few of the meditations through the month, our participation numbers would be through the roof! And if one meditation leader’s offering does not resonate well with you, don’t give up… it may have been very useful to someone else… and besides, the next meditation leader might guide a meditation that touches your heart in a profound way!

Whatever you do this January and throughout the year, we appreciate your interest and participation in the Albany Peace Project!