January 10

Interview with Katrina Clay, Publisher of Healing Springs Journal
(Meditation is below)

Meditation with Katrina Clay
(more about Katrina below the video)

katrina clay head shotMore about Katrina Clay:

Katrina Clayis a certified Shapeshift Practitioner and a Shamanic Reiki Master. She has a horse and a VERY large dog and is the founder and publisher of the Healing Springs Journal.

The Healing Springs Journal is dedicated to addressing the whole person by providing articles and stories that allow the reader to make empowered lifestyle decisions in relation to the wellness of their mind, body, spirit and environment. By offering such a resource, we are creating life-sustaining choices that have a rippling effect on the entire world.

Started in 2002, The Healing Springs Journal is a bi-monthly free pick-up publication paid for exclusively by advertising. If you enjoy reading the journal, please support the advertisers who make it happen. And let them know you saw their ad in the Healing Springs Journal.