January 30

Albany Peace Project Day 30

Interview with Satprem:

Silent Meditation led by Satprem: (Please note this is not a “guided” meditation. This is a more traditional meditation where you sit in silence. If you would prefer to be “guided” feel free to use any of the other videos we’ve done so far.)

satpremMore about Satprem:
“Satprem is since 35 years a well known meditation teacher, holistic healer and Master in her own right.
She came from India to share with us her experiences and teaches 108 meditation techniques from different sources.
Satprem received a secret initiation, 40 years ago by Lama Thubten Yeshe (Teacher of Lama Zopa Rinpoche), who recognized her as Tulku and gave the name “Yeshe Dolma”. A Tulku is a reincarnation with a rich spiritual development.
Satprem was a female Tibetan Lama,which she SAW in several visions.
Yeshe Dolma is the Prakna Tara expected by the Tibetans in this century to come and re-balance female and male energies “riding on a white horse with the flame of purification and transformation in her hands.” Also this vision she had repeatedly age 12 years till the puberty.
Other Masters with whom Satprem did grow, are Osho Rajneesh and H.W.L. Poonja (Advaita Vedanta). With both she meditated and learned at their Ashrams in India. Satprem is a seeker from early childhood on, to find who she is, as a female and spiritual Being. Her teachings involve and include lessons from this path.”


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