January 31

Day 31 of the Albany Peace Project!!!
pssssst! Tonight is the “Keep the Peace!” Concert At Unity Church. Please come celebrate with us! (If you can’t make it, live streaming WILL be attempted click here for details – Live Streaming)

Interview: Mark Shepard interviews Bethany Gonyea

Meditation: Bethany Gonyea leads the final meditation of the Albany Peace Project 2014

FirstFrameMore About Bethany Gonyea:
BETHANY ANN GONYEA, MS is the Founder and Director of Numinous. She is the former Director of Biofeedback of the Albany TMJ & Facial, Biofeedback Therapist and longtime student of the ancient internal martial arts. After suffering years of debilitating physical pain that forced her to give up a music career, she began a journey that has lasted most of her adult life. Her pilgrimage culminated in her ability to run 4 miles a day without pain. In the process, she developed Tan Tien Biofeedback, a totally unique amalgam of Eastern & Western Techniques for healing, pain elimination, and consistent peak performance.

Ms Gonyea was certified by two independent professional organizations (including the prestigious Biofeedback Institute of America and the Neurotherapy and Biofeedback Certification Board), as a Biofeedback Specialist. She runs a private biofeedback practice in Clifton Park, New York, while managing her professional speaking engagements. She has worked for other seminar companies including the Center For Organizational Energy, and the Fred Pryor Seminars International. She is an energizing speaker who always leaves her audiences intrigued and wanting to know more about how to manage themselves more effectively. Regardless of whether she is presenting to a professional, religious or corporate organization, she always conveys how skillfully using the mind-body connection makes the vital difference between ho-hum performances and impressive dynamic performances.

Numinous is an opportunity for Ms. Gonyea and other speakers to talk openly about faith in medicine. Because knowledge often gives us permission to perceive the world differently, she also seeks out speakers who have extensive knowledge and life experience that demonstrate an understanding of how science gives us a broader understanding to perceive God. Ms. Gonyea is more interested in experiencing God, rather than defining God. She is not interested in converting anyone to her beliefs and has great respect for the healing traditions of other cultures. She appreciates the practical wisdom of Buddhism that current neuroscience is supporting, but she also feels entirely comfortable in the Christian faith. She enjoys helping Christians open their hands-on healing skills to strengthen their faith. Her primary goal is to be a “tenderizer”, to enable people’s bodies to become more permeable to the presence of Infinite Intelligence to accelerate physical and emotional healing. She has observed how biofeedback skills lay a reliable set of skills to experience the palpable presence of the Divine in our mundane lives. In her biofeedback practice, she has witnessed the most dramatic healings in people who have the greatest faith.

Ms. Gonyea’s audio book, Women, Food, Sex & Power; A Step By Step Program For Rekindling Your Fire, connects the dots between some of the most personal and intimate struggles of American women today with spiritual laws. Her latest audio work, Gaining Traction With Law Of Attraction: A 30 Day Boot Camp, helps people gain success within 30 days of learning how to use focused intent by rewiring the nervous system through highly skilled meditation techniques, and by teaching people skilled observation to sculpt the dynamic and fulfilling lives we all know we were born to live.

Ms. Gonyea’ favorite endeavor is working one-on-one teaching people how to use biofeedback and focusing skills to facilitate the demonstration of Source in their lives by teaching them how to reduce their physical rigidities and release their spirit, which automatically makes their bodies and minds “hum” with exhilaration and zest for life.

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