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Mark Shepard: Composer of the Albany Peace Project Theme Song, “Be The Change” is a multi-disciplinary transformational artist who’s work is healing.

Singer Songwriter, Storyteller, Visual Artist, Author, Speaker, Teacher, Coach, Holistic Practitioner…

mark shepard guitar1 457 x 500He sees a confluence between The Peace Project and his music, paintings, books and internationally recognized work as an anxiety relief specialist.

For Mark, the Albany Peace Project is about:

  • Healing ourselves
  • Healing our communities
  • Healing our planet

A gifted and prolific songwriter, for 25 years he could not perform his music because of massive anxiety and self sabotage. In his search for a solution he discovered some leading edge powerful transformational tools from the fields of Neuro Linguistics and Ericksonian hypnosis as well as energy healing.

Ultimately these are all just different ways of approaching what many call “meditation.”

Others call it prayer or guided visualization.

Regardless of the labels, Mark finds the Albany Peace Project to be about mastering our minds  and creating peaceful inner lives.  Once we do our inner work to stop focusing on what we don’t want, we discover the power of positive intention. We begin to realize that our thoughts have power. If our thoughts have the power to remarkably improve our individual lives, then once we get grounded, sane and peaceful, we can turn outward with a new clarity and non attachment to improving the lives of others…

From the calm quiet place within us, we can join our minds with others and begin to explore the measurable effect of the power of intention.

Composer of the Posi Award winning, “Together We Can Change The World” as well as the Albany Peace Project theme song, “Be The Change”, Shepard agrees strongly with the late Pete Seeger that “a song can change the world.”

To create a lyrical and musical  “hook” that gets “stuck” in your head in a positive way is one tool to replace the habitual toxic self talk and rampant negativity that we as humans tend to get tangled up in. Music inspires us and moves our bodies into action. Music brings us together.mark shepard piano-guitar

In addition to his responsibilities as the Albany Peace Project’s Music Director, he works closely with Michael Guerin of to create the APP website.


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