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14532686_mThank you for being a part of the Albany Peace Project!!!

As a token of our appreciation please download the following special gifts:

There are several gifts here for you so make sure you scroll down! Then “right click” each link below and choose “Save As” or “Save Link As”

===>Download  “Power Up!” Meditation here: Power up Meditation (right click the “download check mark”)

===>Download “The Primacy Model of Consciousness” by Dr. John Fuldy

===>Download The special report, by Bethany Gonyea, MS, “All Meditations Are Not Equal: Choose The Right Meditation For You!”

===>Play or Download, Mark Shepard’s song, “Be The Change” here (right click the “download check mark”):

===> Play or download, The fully arranged version of “Be The Change” by Mark Shepard. Arrangement by Joe Mennonna.

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