Corporate and School Mindfulness Programs

How Low Cost Wellness Programs Can Dramatically Increase Your Bottom Line…
and increase employee and teacher satisfaction.
What do the highly successful corporate cultures of Google, Twitter, Zappos & Yahoo have in common?    They have established mindfulness meditation programs which help employees successfully meet unrelenting demands of innovation and productivity.  These companies know that corporate dollars are well spent when they are used to teach people how to take command of their own nervous system through mindfulness meditation.

As a part of they first day of work at Google, employees experience a 15 minute mindfulness meditation.  Apple’s Steve Jobs allowed employees to take 30 minutes each day to meditate at work.  Many people attribute Job’s stunning accomplishments to his commitment toward meditation practice. Aetna’s CEO reported that professional meditation services delivered 11x return on investment and saved Aetna up to $2000 per employee.

Many other business elite are making their meditation practices public as well, including Oprah Winfrey, Russell Simmons, Rupert Murdoch and Bill Gates.  Meditation is no longer optional for these outrageously successful people, because of the incessant demands place upon them.   Bill Duane, Google’s senior manager for Well Being and Sustainable High Performance Development Programs comments,  “At Google, there’s a real need for this (meditation) because we’re constantly setting our goals beyond what is feasible or reasonable.”   With budget cuts and extensive layoffs, employees left standing are often asked to perform oversized goals that are not “feasible or reasonable” which leads to increased employee resentment, absenteeism and turnover.   To minimize these losses, when businesses more than ever have to do much more with much less,  successful corporations are rapidly establishing  meditation programs because research demonstrates they yield the following variety of powerful benefits; decreased employee turnover, decreased absenteeism, reduction of injuries,  increased  creativity and productivity.


The Albany Peace Project Mindfulness in schools program has already started helping approximately 4000 students in the area by teaching teachers to lead students nervous systems into the state of coherence, which increases grade point averages from 10-25% and dramatically decreases suspensions, detentions and code of conduct violations from 45-90%!!!  (Ritalin and Adderall can’t touch those results!)


These astounding results are not magic.  They are the result of a highly repeatable and reliable access to a high functioning place within your own nervous system researchers refer to as Coherence.  When our nervous system is coherent, we function at top performance levels – at will.


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