What is Meditation?

what-is-meditation-1024x682There are as many definitions of meditation as people who meditate.

Meditation is a very personal experience, but essentially, meditation is when we are able to turn off the our awareness of our outer environment, and turn up our awareness of our inner environment. Meditation helps us gain access to a different type of wisdom that can be better gleaned from silence.

For many people, meditation takes the form of prayer.

Meditation is enhanced by gently disciplining the mind to maintain a point of focus, such as on the breath, or on a counting sequence, or on prayer or rosary beads. Stilling the mind helps us to move our nervous system into a more restful place, kind of like taking a rejuvenating vacation right in your own home or work environment.

For beginners, it is often easy to follow a guided meditation to help maintain consistent focus. That is why the Albany Peace Project will offer daily meditations offered by 31 spiritual teachers throughout the capital region leading us through an online group meditation each day for the month of January 2014.

To participate in the project, you don’t need to follow these online meditations, they are there for support only.  If you choose not to participate online, but you would still like to participate, please write us at info(@)numinousonline.com to receive a daily record sheet of your participation.

More information will be available about the meditations as this as the study proceeds.

Research shows that the more we practice setting intentions from a restful calm place the more efficient we become.  Practice makes perfect…keep practicing!