What Is The Albany Peace Project?

What If There Was Proof You Could Change The World With Your Mind?

What If There Was Proof You Could Change The World With Your Mind?

The Albany Peace Project is an opportunity to introduce people to their birthright…we can vote with our hearts to make a powerful difference in the world…

…Without waiting for bills stuck in committee to pass, and deploying thousands of young soldiers to dangerous environments…

Sixteen years ago when Bethany Gonyea, MS, read the research of the TM organization that suggested when a small group of people meditate, there is appears to be a calming effect on a whole population…she wanted to shout it from the roof tops.    And, she was determined to add to this body of research some day….

Then years later, she was thrilled to see that Lynn Mctaggert,  gathered, organized, summarized disparate studies on intention in her book, The Intention Experiment.  This book helped organize the research literature  that suggests our intentions influence the world around us.  Lynn Mctaggert was so enthused from the results, she started performing her own intention experiments with a team of internationally known top-notch scientists, and her first three global peace experiments have demonstrated positive results.

Bethany knew it was soon time to launch…there was enough data to disseminate that strongly suggests…positive intentions have an effect, and it is the birthright of all of us to employ them to help ourselves and others become more peaceful and happy.  She also knew that the Greater Albany area was up for the challenge.

She and SUNY professor, Dr. John Foldy decided to create a peace project right here in Albany, NY, so that we can gain the benefit of hundreds of people focused on increasing the peace in Albany, and accelerating it’s manifestation in the  lives of participants and Albany citizens.  The goals is to put the process of focused intention to work on a practical, local level that will be measured.  The question is this… Can a group of people focusing their minds together once a day for 31 days  lower a specific crime statistic (Assaults) in the city of Albany, NY?

Whatever the results are, they will contribute to the growing body of research about the power of our minds to change external reality/events.  Prior research has suggested that not only does the geographic area benefit, but that the personal lives of participants, especially difficult relationships dramatically improve.

The Albany Peace Project is for:

  • Anyone who watches the depressing news at night and feels crippled and  powerless, or
  • Anyone who goes to sleep at night worried about a family member who is a soldier fighting oversees, and for
  • Any parent who sends their child off to school with a gut wrenching tug in their stomach, as they wonder if their child will escape violence in school that day…the one place we should feel confident our children are safe!

The overall intention of the Albany Peace Project is that we have the power to contribute to the greater good through a systematic, duplicate-able process of combining the focused intention of a group of people for a common purpose.

Dr. John Foldy, PhD, professor at SUNY Albany showed up at one of her bi-weekly talks at Numinous (www.NuminousOnline.com) and offered to support the project with his statistical research and academic credentials. He had done his doctorate on the measurable effect of focusing thoughts on small things like finding more change on the sidewalk, getting more junk mail etc, his dissertation, which has been duplicated, demonstrated that there seems to be a correlation between what we dwell upon, and what we experience, so  he was eager to take on a much larger project. Get your copy of Dr. Foldy’s book here: [link to sign up page]

Transformational Songwriter, Mark Shepard, who combines his songwriting with a practice of Neuro Linguistics and Personal Mastery and helps people to change their thoughts about their own lives in order to get better results, got inspired to write a theme song for the project.

Rev. Jim Fuller, of Unity Church of Albany has offered his heart and facility to support this work.

Gail Jensen, who had taught meditation for years in prisons and had witnessed first hand how changing the minds of convicted felons positively impacted their lives, had a stroke and literally had to learn over again from scratch how to read and function, volunteered to teach anyone who wanted to learn the techniques of meditation /  focused intention.  Physicians were amazed at her rapid recovery after her stroke.  She attributes her rapid recovery to her  40 years of cultivating meditation skills that helped her navigate her return back to consciousness.  Gail has been one of the earliest supporters of this study, and loves to share with people the magic of meditation.

There are many more people involved…but we can’t wait to hear your story, as we need your help…

You can be a key part of this ambitious project. If you would like to be a part of the Albany Peace Project please use the handy opt-in box (You get some pretty cool stuff just for learning more but we believe that your participation can make a crucial difference in your own life as well as in the study)

This is just the beginning! Our ultimate goal is to continue this project for 10 years thereby significantly contributing to the body of research in this field of study.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Got questions? Please feel free to use the handy contact form below!

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