Who Is The Albany Peace Project?

The Albany Peace Project is YOU.

AND It is a growing group of people like YOU who want to help make a difference in the world by participating in a simple, local experiment to lower crime statistics by focusing for 31 days on Increasing Peace, Wellness and Hope for Downtown Albany NY.

Some of the key People who started the project and who will be participating right along with you are:

APP 2014 Bethany talk 1 525x700Bethany Gonyea is the originator of the Albany Peace project
and founder of Numinous. For years the idea of this project
“bothered” her and “nudged” her. She wanted to leave behind
solid evidence that our thoughts really can change the world.




Mark Shepard-eyes closed crop 72Mark Shepard is a transformational Songwriter and NLP Trainer.
For 20 years he has recognized the power of language and
focused intention to make dramatic, positve changes in
people’s lives. If our thoughts can change our individual
experience of reality, why not test it on a larger scale?





gail jensen headshotGail Jenson, is 40 Year TM Meditator and educator
who has taught meditation in prisons, nursing homes
and schools. Not too long ago she found herself rising
to the challenge of recoving from a stroke that took from
here everything but the alphabet. Meditation helped
her to survive and begin to thrive again.



Bert head shotBert is a scientist and a genuinely kind and
engaging human being. He has recently been
exploring energy healing and the power of the
human mind to create positive change.




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